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5 Useful Tips To Pick The Best Luggage For International Travel

5 Useful Tips To Pick The Best Luggage For International Travel

With things going back to the old normal style, traveling restrictions are no longer a worry! People are planning trips and tours to distant countries and making the most of the joyous times. But, before planning the trip, you have to check an essential aspect. The trolleys you used before the pandemic needs a break, as it was inside the closet for a long! It is now time to find a new one to sort the needs of the current times. Here are the top five tips to help you select the best solution for cross-border tours, based on the packing requirements and touring purpose. 

  1. For carrying everything you need – The trunk design

Do you absolutely hate packing light? Well, you are not alone! And, why should you pack light this time? After all, you will be traveling after such a long hiatus! LEVEL8 has the best luggage for international travel for tourists like you who love to carry everything. The trunk designed trolley can hold up to 99 liters! The Germany Bayer Makrolon® scratch-resistant hard-shell material with a 3-layer composite surface brings the perfect solution for you!

  1. For touring in style – Textured trolleys for you

The 24-inch textured check-in trolley is an ideal choice, for those who love to travel in style. It is among the top-selling products in the collection of the best luggage for international travel. The diamond texture ensures zero scratches on the surface and exhibits a premium look all through. The 41- or 68-liter variant trolley also brings overall lining protection for the internal layers. 

  1. For traveling with the family – A set of three!

Finally, it's time for the grand family trip you and your family members had been planning for years! The grand tour needs a grand luggage solution as well! The 3-piece matte luggage set of 20-, 24- and 28-inches fits everything easily. The capacity to hold weight in the three trolleys is 41, 68 and 105-liters. Thus, you can understand the convenience of packing in this Germany Bayer Makrolon® durable Aluminum alloy trolley set with top & side carry handles.

  1. For the convenience of carrying – Pick the voyager style!

If you love traveling solo but do not like to pack light, the voyager style check-in trolley can be your ultimate companion when touring! The three variants of the yellow-colored trolley are 24, 26 and 28-inches. The creative handle design brings optimal base cavity and allows maximum packing space. Keep your belongings organized in the interior compression system of this trolley. 

  1. For solo trips or business tours – An easy-to-manage solution

If you need to go on a business trip and wish to spend the weekend exploring the new city, the matte luggage of 24 inches is the apt solution! The polycarbonate surface exhibits a prominent hive texture, ensuring zero scratches. The TSA-approved locks keep everything safe, and the interior mesh design keeps your clothes neat! Is there anything else you want with a trolley? Go for this perfect solution.  

Which tip was suitable for you?

Each traveler is unique and has distinct packing requirements. Pick the trolley that solves the requirements for your travel! 

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