Frequently Asked Questions
Order Issues
1. How can I correct shipping address?
Contact us at to correct the shipping address before it is shipped out.
2. Can I cancel or change my order after I have placed it?
Simply email us at and we'll begin the process.
3. How to check my order status?
As soon as your order has been shipped, we will send you a shipping confirmation email with a tracking number. You may trace your package with it.
Shipping & Delivery
4. Where do you ship?
We have our own warehouses in U.S and Europe. All orders are shipped from the nearest warehouse.
Returns & Warranty
7. Do your suitcases have a warranty?
What's warranty on your luggage?
Our Full Aluminum Luggage and Matte Collection come with a lifetime limited warranty. The other collection is backed by 5-year Warranty.

What's the warranty on your bags and accessories?
All Level8 backpacks and accessories are protected by a limited 1-year warranty.
Products (Including lock)
8. How to set the combination lock?
• TSA Lock Instruction for Pro Carry-on With Laptop Pocket Luggage • TSA Lock Instruction for Matte Collection • TSA Lock Instruction for Full Aluminum Collection
9. What can I do if I forget my combination lock password?
Please email us at and we'll tell you how to do.
10.Will you restock sold-out items?
Please direct to contact us at