Our Story

LEVEL8 is luggage for traveling efficiently

Nothing more, Nothing less.

We’re not here to inspire you, we’re here to equip you. Our luggage and bags are designed to travel with you as you carve your own path. You’re a go-getter, an unconventional thinker – you need a bag that protects your belongings so you can focus on what really matters when traveling.


Gibraltar aluminum luggage

We know what makes a good bag.

After years of manufacturing and selling our bags to brands like Apple, we understand what consumers need and want. We know how to produce straightforward, high-quality luggage that isn’t overpriced or overdesigned. Combining our manufacturing expertise and passion for good design, utility, and function, we created a line of highly-functional, well-designed luggage, made of the best quality materials.

From concept to production, we’re there.

Manufacturing our bags directly allows us to own the whole process from designing to sourcing materials to production. Our bags are of the best quality at the best value without the middleman and the mark-ups. As our own manufacturer, we even cover our bags with a 20 Year Warranty or Lifetime Warranty where applicable. Our bags are simple, timeless and functional, always.

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