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Which is Better? Hard Shell or Soft Luggage?

Which is Better? Hard Shell or Soft Luggage?

Have you ever gone to a store for trolley shopping? The first thing the salesperson asks you is if you want a soft or a hard-shelled trolley. Also, for online shopping, you must sort the preferences wisely to make the best purchase. How do you decide which is better between hard shell and soft shell suitcase? Let’s clarify the doubts with a detailed discussion! 

Hard Shell Or Soft Luggage

Hard Shell Luggage – All You Need To Know

Firstly, know the fundamental features, pros, and cons of both luggage types. Know the significant specifications of a hard-shelled trolley to answer this question - are hard suitcase better than soft suitcase, which is better? Read on to know more about the hard-shelled trolleys. 

  • The material in use – Usually, hard-shelled trolleys are made of polycarbonate material or metal sheets. Thick polycarbonate making makes the trolleys durable and attractive. Even with metal manufacturing, the aluminum surface looks premium and enhances durability. One can find no zipped pouches on the body, making it convenient for the users to use them. Also, the polycarbonate body does not make it heavy. The material is non-porous and does not let water or any other liquid penetrate the surface unless there is a crack. 
  • Advantages of the luggage – Know the advantages of the hard-shelled trolley to determine which one to purchase - hard shell or soft luggage? The hard covering of the trolley is certainly advantageous for long-distance flights. Why? Because it ensures zero leakage or damage chances. One can pack easily, and the trolley remains intact. Simply put, it brings a compact and lightweight solution for all! 
  • Cons you must check out – Every trolley has a good and bad aspects; thus, you must know the cons of hard-shelled trolleys. The surface is usually resistant to liquid damage, but there can be ugly scratches all over the body. It distorts the overall look and can create cracks on the surface, making it brittle. It is a major disadvantage of these compact trolleys.

Soft Shell Luggage – All You Need To Know

Now that you have an overall idea about the hard-shelled trolleys, it is time to move to the other option. What is a soft luggage piece? The manufacturing of the trolley determines the key difference! The outer surface is not rigid or made with stiff materials like polycarbonate and metallic sheet. Read on to find out the manufacturing components and pros and cons of these trolleys. 

  • Components to note – The components that the manufacturers use in the soft-shelled trolleys are nylon and fabric-based. The woven material may be Cordura, ballistic, or ripstop. The Cordura fabric is rough while the ballistic surface brings a smooth look. Ripstop nylon has a semi-structured or smooth surface and is highly popular with the best-selling luggage pieces in the soft-shelled trolley segment. 
  • Explore the benefits – Firstly, know the pros of the trolley to get the answer to the question - is soft luggage better than hard trolleys? A soft-shelled trolley is malleable and brings a flexible touch to the luggage. You can stuff clothes and keep them intact inside. The compressing ability is higher in these trolleys, compared to the hard-shelled ones. Also, these trolleys usually have outer pouches with zippers, where you can store the handy essentials. 
  • Disadvantages to note – No luggage solution is void of demerits. The soft-luggage pieces are prone to damage and especially liquid damage. The fabric may not always resist heavy water flow. Also, the weight of the fabric is heavier than the polycarbonate bags. It can be a major issue in airports, and you may have to pay extra for the luggage weight. 

Hard vs. Soft Shell Luggage - Which is Better?

The eternal debate between the two types of trolleys needs a definite solution. Hard shell vs soft shell luggage, which is better? Well, it depends on how you pack your belongings, what you pack, and other traveling needs. One cannot only depend on the luggage specifications and make a wise call! So, here are some crucial aspects that you need to review before deciding the best one between the two – 

  • Depends on the packing needs – The first thing that matters is the packing style. Are you a heavy packer? Do you need to compress your clothes into the trolley to fit them all? Then, a soft-shell trolley would be perfect. If you like traveling with light luggage pieces; the hard-shelled solutions would be the most useful. Review what you need to carry to determine the ideal solution. 
  • A durable and sturdy solution – Do you need to take flights often? Long-distance flights need a reliable solution that resists all kinds of damage possibilities. Thus, a hard-shelled trolley is a perfect choice for you. You can carry them without worries and ensure a hassle-free traveling experience with the sturdy outer surface. 
  • The blend of quality and price – The balance of quality of the trolley and affordability matters equally for hard and soft luggage solutions. You have to focus on this aspect, regardless of the option you pick. A branded solution for both luggage types brings reliable and appropriate solutions for all travelers. 
  • Unique features of the trolley – Locking features, handles on the surface, smoothness of the wheels, and many more are the distinctive specifications of a trolley. One needs to review the rigid or soft-shelled trolley model to determine the ideal one for their packing needs. Simply put, the specifications and unique features of the trolley determine the answer to the question - hard vs soft luggage-which is best for you?
  • Ease of movement and personalization – As discussed earlier, soft-shelled trolleys are heavier than hard trolleys. So, if you want to travel carefree, the rigid suitcases are perfect. But, the problem regarding the weight of the trolleys is easy to manage with the smoothly-rolling wheels. Regardless of the weight, the moving convenience persists with the ultra-smooth wheels. 
  • Repair and maintenance needs – Lastly, the repairing and maintenance convenience determines the usability of the stiff or soft-shelled trolley. It is a practical aspect that many overlook and make the wrong purchase! If you want a compact, easy-to-clean, and lightweight luggage solution; the hard-shelled trolley is ideal for your traveling needs! In contrast, if you need a trolley that you can use roughly without worrying about maintenance needs; the soft-shell ones are apt for the choice. 

The ideal luggage choice for all travelers

With LEVEL8 carry-on and check-in trolleys, the decision-making gets easy! The hard-shelled trolleys have Germany Makrolon® polycarbonate material manufacturing with the following features – 

  • Anti-scratch surface – For optimal durability and aesthetics
  • 3-step aluminum handle – Avoid finger pinches with easy movement of the handle in a hurry
  • TSA-approved lock – Keep the belongings safe from unwanted access
  • Interior lining and divider – For convenient packing solution and organized packing
  • 360-degree spinning wheels – Ultra smooth and noise-free wheels for all-rounder mobility

Get all the premium features on the Textured Carry-on luggage of 20-inches for a convenient packing experience. The trolley is available in distinct sizes like - 41L / 68L / 89L / 99L with an overall weight of 10.6 lbs / 13.1 lbs / 14.9 lbs / 15.1 lbs, respectively. 

Purchase wisely – Make the right choice.

Have you decided yet? It depends on what you want to carry and other traveling needs! Make the best choice by going for a branded solution with an ergonomic design on the trolley. 

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