Captain Aluminum Pro Carry-on Luggage Features

This brand-new aluminum-magnesium alloy case is designed specifically for "leaders" in various fields. They have gradually learned to create the unknown, becoming active creators who lead the industry rather than follow it. LEVEL8 hopes to continuously iterate high-quality products and pay tribute to every leader, accompanying them to explore new territories and climb their career peaks time and time again.

  • Classic and Durable: Made By Aerospace-grade Aluminum Magnesium Alloy
  • Embedded wide handle
  • Keyless and Zipperless: NFC intelligence Locks, Ensure Your Belongings Safe Throughout Your Travels.
  • Slow-release Handles Without Noise and Avoid Pinching Your Hand
  • Ultra Quiet 360° Durable Spinner Wheels
  • Mesh Pocket Interior Divider
  • 20 inch Suitable for Most Aircraft Overhead Compartments
  • Life Time Warranty
    / Capacity Weight

    Over Dimension

    (Including handles and wheels)

    Imperial Unit 37L 10.8lbs


    SI 37L 4.9kg