How to open up the TSA lock?

Before we provide an instruction of opening a TSA lock of LEVEL8 suitcases, let’s know what the TSA lock is and why we need it.

What is a TSA Lock?

The full name of TSA lock is Travel Sentry® Approved Lock, which was created in 2003. Using Travel Sentry® approved locks allows your luggage to be unlocked and inspected by security authorities during security screening, without damage.

Q: What does a TSA lock look like?

There are different styles of TSA locks, such as TSA cable locks, TSA 4 dial locks, TSA lock with key, etc. While it’s easy to identify a TSA lock due to its clear and special logo in a red diamond shape.

TSA Lock

Q: Is it necessary to have TSA lock when I fly?

No, TSA lock is not a must when you fly with the bag or suitcase. While if your bag or luggage is censored by security and they have rights to cut off your non-approved TSA lock. Therefore, by using a TSA lock, you could protect your suitcase not damaged during security check.

LEVEL8 logo

LEVEL8 has Grace luggage, Elegance luggage and Gibraltar luggage. The way to open TSA lock of these three suitcases is different.

1.How to open LEVEL8 Grace Luggage TSA Lock?

  • Keep the code at “000”
  • Slide the button right, the lock would automatically open.

suitcase TSA lock

2.How to open LEVEL8 Elegance Luggage TSA Lock?

  • Keep the code at “000”
  • Rightly slide the button to the empty position, the lock would automatically open.

TSA lock

3.How to open LEVEL8 Gibraltar Luggage TSA Lock?

  • Keep the code at “000”
  • Press the button on the top and the lock would automatically open

TSA Lock